11 de nov de 2009

Blackout in Brazil


Blackout in Brazil makes more than 800 cities without power and in the provision of endless consequences.
Yesterday the 10th of November, there "for" twenty-two hours began, I am writing 'today' at zero hours and twenty eight minutes, the blackout continues in much of Brazil. Even here on the coast of Paraná feel the effect of power outage, for a brief moment the streetlights went off.
I see in the news residents complaining of assault, this is probably the least of the problems, I'm sure it will listen more. Also pointed to people trapped in elevators (the fire brigade are not realizing all occurrences), cited the electronic traffic signs, such as the traffic lights are turned off, nineteen thousand megawatts of energy are not working, so far seems to be due to storms in the state of Paraná.

This world is already on the morning without light now fears the darkness. Keep an eye for what is to come.

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Greg Delaney disse...

It's crazy to think how many millions of people were affected by this blackout

Fulano, Beltrano e tio Sicrano (((((((: disse...

Imagine a blackout bigger in NY, w8, imagine the second Tsunami there. W8&C

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